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A Trial of One, the missing Chapter 7

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Here’s another favorite character of mine, Dorothy Crawford, widow of Richard Crawford, Harry’s deceased law partner, Richard. Have you ever met women, who have no idea how to live when the husband dies, because they have been so dominated all their lives? When I started in law in 1973, I met a lot of them. Dorothy is about to get the shock of her life about her husband in this chapter.  Read on!  (more…)

Award Winning Novels Installment 6 and 7 “A Trial of One”

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

You are about to meet one of my favorite characters Gladys Giveny, Harry’s who is in each of the three novels in the Osgoode Trilogy. Gladys is caught in time many years ago in more ways than one.

That night, Gladys climbed down wearily from the bus. It swerved sharply from the curb, enveloping her in black clouds of exhaust. She regarded Mortimer Avenue balefully.

Dwarf maples lined her wide street of bungalows. Leaves hung limply in the evening humidity. Couples did not stroll on her street: there was no particular place to go. Children did not play on her street: the traffic was too heavy. Tonight, people stayed inside their boxy houses with the world blotted out by the whir of air conditioners. Gladys wished desperately for an air conditioner, but her sister, Merle, would not hear of it.

“Do you want to make me really sick?” Merle would whine as she fanned herself with a cheap, lacquered fan purchased from Woolworth’s last summer. “I got to think of my arthritis.” When Merle said that, it sounded like Arthur Itis. (more…)

A Trial of One, Chapter 5

Friday, August 1st, 2008

As promised, here is Chapter 5 of A Trial of One. It’s Civic Holiday in most parts of Canada this long weekend. So, I’ll post the next chapter on Tuesday. I’m hoping that by posting 8 or 9 chapters of each book in the trilogy, to get you really hooked into the story. Have you ever been travelling and left a really good novel in a hotel room just when you couldn’t put it down?  I’m hoping you’ll feel like that and have to have your own copy.  Here’s  Chapter  5  where  Harry  and  Dr. Hawke  square off. (more…)