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CONDUCT IN QUESTION is the first in the trilogy.

The trilogy spans eighteen months in the life of Harry Jenkins, an estates lawyer in Toronto. Longing for freedom and love, he is trapped in a creaky law office, under his partner's thumb. His wife of twenty years, Laura, is ready to leave him for another man. He is desperate to break free.

When his senior law partner drops dead at his feet in the office, Harry is free at last—to make his own mistakes. Three story lines compel you to read on: a murder plot with a Jekyll and Hyde character at its root, a massive money-laundering scheme which nearly sucks Harry in, and to top it off, there’s a sizzling love story throughout the whole trilogy with the beautiful Natasha. Overwhelmed with murder and fraud, Harry must also answer for himself such questions as How much money is enough? Why do we so easily turn a blind eye? Fortunately, Natasha, his spirit guide is with him at every turn.

FINAL PARADOX, the second in the trilogy
This is a tale of ancient fraud. Years back, the elite of Toronto were scammed by the ruthless charmer, George Pappas, who kills on a whim. Huge sums of money were raised for the development of non-existent drug to forestall memory loss. But now the money is missing. Ironically, no one remembers just where it is but all who seek it suffer.

Harry’s elderly client, Norma Dinnick, teeters between lucidity and madness. Is she a victim or a perpetrator of the fraud? The hunt for the money destroys the lives of the people who seek it. Harry’s father, Stanley, is found in a coma at the foot of his cellar steps with an ugly .38 calibre gun in his hand. Awaking from his coma, he asks Harry’s forgiveness for all the lost years between them. But, for Harry, that’s not so easy to do. His former law school roommate, the duplicitous, Peter Saunderson, [also after the money], frames his own wife Bronwyn and his lover Roger with murder. A beautifully scrolled, silver duelling pistol is used to frame his victims with the murder, leading Harry to comment—funny how an ugly .38 leads to reconciliation and an elegant silver pistol—to betrayal Be ready for more questions: Can love and forgiveness be found amid fraud and deceit?

A TRIAL OF ONE, the third in the trilogy,

The quest for the Elixicorp shares in FINAL PARADOX is now a most deadly game. The sinister madman, Dr. Robert Hawke, claims the money was legitimately raised for his research into a cure for Alzheimer’s. Harry is now Norma Dinnick’s legal guardian and responsible for locating all her assets, including the shares. Pursued by Hawke and his thugs through Toronto, London and the darkened, narrow calles of Venice, Harry must outwit the doctor’s clever, twisted mind to find the booty first.

On the home front, another search is underway. Dorothy Crawford, widow of Harry’s senior partner, Richard, believes that the mysterious Q, a jealous lover or angry husband, has murdered her husband. Only by tracking down Q, does Dorothy finally escape her husband’s most wretched legacy—her all-pervasive sense of incompetence.

Hawke psychological trickery makes Harry question himself and confront his own homophobia. When in Venice, Harry meets a very special person, Angelo, who teaches him much about love and life. And just in time! Because of this person, Harry is able to return home and truly understand his beloved Natasha. Only near the end, does Harry realize Dr. Hawke’s surprise awaits him, which gives new meaning to A Trial of One. And still there are more questions for Harry: Must compassion mean selflessness? Can any love be wrong?

FINAL PARADOX won honorable mention at the Hollywood Book Festival 2007.

A TRIAL OF ONE won honorable mentions from both The London Book Festival and The DIY Convention. Currently,

A TRIAL OF ONE is a finalist in both the Readers Views and Foreword Magazine general fiction awards for 2007.

Mary E. Martin